Website by Mark Kough

Current Projects:

KetaKOUGH - progressive metal (China)
Screaming Savior - black metal (China)
Drum Set Experience - Touring & Gigs

Apollyon - metal
Delaney Bramlett - rock, r&b, blues
General Bastards - surf punk
Human Abstract - rock
Jenna Syde and The Watchers - rock
Ketaset - progressive metal
More Than Never - horror punk
PC101 - punk covers from the 70s and 80s
Pete Dee - punk
Pottymouth - adult comedy punk metal
Procussion - percussion group
Screaming Savior - black symphonic metal
Southern Comfort - southern rock
With Deepest Regret - gothic metal

Studio Drumming Experience - Recordings

Ben Moody - (experimental metal)
Black Veil Brides - (glam progressive metal)
Delaney Bramlett - (rock, r&b, blues)
General Bastards - (surf punk)
Ketaset - (progressive metal)
KetaKough - (progressive metal, china)
Long Day Too Short - (russian punk)
More Than Never - (horror punk)
PC101 - (punk covers from the 70s and 80s)
Pottymouth - (adult comedy punk metal)
With Deepest Regret - (gothic metal)
Utopia - (russian eccentric rock)
Others (Unnamed or Undisclosed)

Studio Drumming Experience - Studios

Blue Hand Studios (China)
Charlie Adam's Studios
Clearlake Audio
Command Studios
Creative Intuitions Studios
Eldorado Recording Studios
Entourage Studios
Home Studios
Mad Dog Recording Studios
Magnolia Gold Records
Metro 37 Recording Studios
Moody Studios
MTSU Studios A
MTSU Studios C
NRG Studios
Sound Mountain Studios

"Hear A Ticking" - General Bastards Music Video
"Unmade" - Ketaset Music Video
"Xmas Turd" - Pottymouth Music Video
"PMS" - Pottymouth Music Video
"PooPoo Party Platter" - Pottymouth Video
Reece's Peanut Butter Cups - Commercial
Spanish Music Video - w/ ProCussion
Battle's Eye - Independent Movie (Action)
Formidable - Independent Movie (Suspense)

Teaching Experience

Dubnoff Center of Education
Francis Polytechnic High School
Gallatin High School
John Burroughs High School
Lebanon High School
Luther Middle School
Mt. Juliet High School
North High School
Shanghai Bilingual Ladder School (China)
Xiwai International School (China)
SoCal Dream Drum & Bugle Corps

Marching Experience (Circuits Competed)


Music Teachers (Incomplete)

Charlie Adams
Tim Alexander
Tony Cox
Lalo Davila
Rich O'Halloran
Andy Smith
Eric Starks
Paul Waters
Jim Waters
Vickie Williams

Vic Firth Drum Sticks
Coffin Case Road Cases

Video Reel

Other videos can be seen at